2022-04-22: Karl Hammar awarded during the SPARK conference

SPARK Award 2022

Article from Jönköping University when I was awarded the 2022 SPARK Award for Best Resarch Project.

2019-03-21: Energi & Miljö: Framtidens stad övervakar sig själv

Energi & Miljö No. 3-4 2019

I was interviewed by the Swedish Society of HVAC Engineers’s magazine about sensor and actuator data integration in a Smart Buildings / Smart Cities context, in relation to the RealEstateCore initiative. Headline translation: “The City of the Future Monitors Itself”.

2017-12-13: Me & JU: “På väg mot en framtid där maskiner förstår oss”

Me & JU No. 4 2017

My PhD project and dissertation (More information; Download) was featured in the Jönköping University staff magazine Me & JU No 4, 2017. Headline in English, roughly translated: “Towards a Future in which Machines Understand Us”.

2012-11-19: Jönköpings-Posten: “IT-läraren: Näst intill trivialt att ta över inloggningen”

Jönköpings-Posten 2012-11-19

I commented in the local newspaper Jönköpings-Posten on the issue of Facebook session hijacking and how to avoid it using SSL encryption, also giving some advice on good computer security practices in general.

2012-11-11: Radio P4: “Här utbildas framtidens app-utvecklare”

Radio P4 news interviewed me and two of the students enrolled in the Bachelor Program in Software Engineering and Mobile Platforms (site only available in Swedish at time of writing). The interview is not available on the web for listening, but the accompanying article is (in Swedish).

2012-06-01: Högskriften: “Hur får man datasystem att tänka logiskt?”


I was interviewed by the Jönköping University journal Högskriften on the subject of my research on using semantic web ontologies for complex event detection in the security and surveillance domain. Parts of this work has so far been published in two papers, Modular Semantic CEP for Threat Detection at ORADM 2012 and Ontology Design Patterns in Use - Lessons Learnt from an Ontology Engineering Case from WOP/ISWC 2012.

2012-02-15: Radio P4: “What’s app?”

I was interviewed by the radio P4 show Morgonskiftet, about the new bachelor program in Software Engineering and Mobile Platforms that I’m starting up at Jönköping University. Read a summary of the interview (in Swedish), or listen to the interview itself (also in Swedish).

2012-02-01: Jönköpings-Posten: “Mobilsnillen till Jönköping”

Jönköpings-Posten 2012-02-01

The local newspaper Jönköpings-Posten did a feature story on the new Bachelor Program in Software Engineering and Mobile Platforms (only in Swedish) that we’ve developed at Jönköping University, and which I am set to manage. The story also mentions our partners at Cybercom who among other things develop for embedded and mobile platforms and are very excited about this new program. As are, I hope, potential students.